The most important characteristics of green decking are:

  • the deck comes from recycled materials in the case of plastic decking or rapidly renewable woods.
  • the deck has low-toxicity chemical treatments for termites, fire and moisture protection.

The most common types of decking are:         

  • Pressure treated lumber - (Pressure treated lumber was popular decades ago before there was much concern with all of the chemicals required to keep them from rotting. Pressure treated lumber will not last without chemical preservatives and are not considered a green solution. These woods are  also soft and not very durable.)
  • Hardwood decking - (Naturally durable hardwood or NDH is a class of timber with the best durability and natural resistance to decay, rot and insect attack. Some wood species like IPE, Teak, Jarrah, and Ekki are known to have incredible decay resistance and outperform other wood species without adding any chemicals.)
  • Composite decking - (Composite decking is a combination of woodwork and plastic. Composite decking is more durable than most woods but scratches more easily than plastic decking. The premium composite decks can be made to look almost identical to a natural wood.)
  • Plastic decking - (Plastic decking or PVC decking is made from plastic without any wood products, some companies use mostly recycled plastic. PVC decking is very durable, scratch resistant, lightweight and easy to work with. It is generally the one of the most expensive decking options.)

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