Tile Flooring

The most important characteristics of green tile flooring are:

  • the tile comes from recycled materials.
  • the tile floor is installed with low emitting adhesives and sealants that are Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.
  • there are very few tile floorings that are FloorScore or GreenGuard Children & Schools Certified because they are not required to be certified for a LEED project and the tile or the stone product in and of itself is non-emitting. The concern here is with the adhesives, sealants and finishes.

The most common types of tile flooring are:

  • Non-porcelain ceramic tile – glazed or unglazed (Non-porcelain ceramic tile is among the most economical type of tile.)
  • Porcelain Ceramic Tile - glazed or unglazed (Porcelain ceramic tile is more expensive than non-porcelain and is harder to work with but it is more durable and has more stain resistance and has more variety in appearance due to the addition of feldspar in the manufacturing process.) To see some of the available FloorScore certified porcelain ceramic tile flooring click here.
  • Granite (Granite is a very dense and hard material that has a unique appearance due to speckled minerals and veining within the rock.) To see some of the available GreenGuard Children & Schools certified granite flooring click here.
  • Marble – (Marble is similar to granite but more porous and less durable.)
  • Limestone – (Limestone is a sedimentary rock with an earthly appearance. Limestone is less dense than marble and is generally not recommended in high traffic areas.) To see some of the available GreenGuard Children & Schools certified limestone flooring click here.
  • Travertine - (Travertine is a type of limestone with an unusual crystalline. Travertine is soft and porous and has divots until the voids are filled creating either a honed or polished appearance.) To see some of the available GreenGuard Children & Schools certified limestone flooring click here.
  • Slate(Slate is an extremely dense and durable stone and is an excellent choice for kitchens and high traffic areas.) To see some of the available GreenGuard Children & Schools certified slate flooring click here.
  • Synthetic Stone – (synthetic stone often referred to as engineered stone is a precast material bonded by a  polymeric binder. There are essentially three types of engineered stone: quartz based, marble base, and recycled content based. Quartz based stone is very hard durable and chemical resistant unlike marble based stone which can be damaged more easily.)

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